Ken Kassenbrock

Kenneth Kassenbrock, MD, PhD, is an Emeritus Associate Professor of Biology at Colorado State University, where he taught classes in Mycology, Cell Biology, and Human Genetics. Trained as a physician-scientist, Dr. Kassenbrock did post-doctoral work in molecular genetics with the brewer’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and worked in cellular signal transduction and cancer biology at the University of Colorado Medical Center before moving to CSU. At CSU, mycology moved from a long-held passion to a central career focus, and Dr. Kassenbrock continues to give invited presentations on a range of mycological topics to both University and public audiences.

Ken’s Presentations:

  1. Mushrooms from Mesoamerican Prehistory to Current Clinical Trials:  an opportunity to learn more about the long history of mushrooms in religious and cultural rituals in the Americas and receive an update on current research into possible therapeutic uses of mushrooms for a variety of conditions including treatment-resistant depression, alcohol and other drug addiction disorders, and even some types of headaches
  2. Mushrooms and Human Health:  a review of the nutritional information about wild and cultivated mushrooms and the concept of mushrooms as “functional foods”, which are foods with increased health benefits beyond basic nutrition.