Ken Kassenbrock MD PhD

Emeritus Associate Professor of Biology, Colorado State University

Ken Kassenbrock, MD, PhD, is an Emeritus Associate Professor of Biology at Colorado State University, where he taught classes in Mycology, Cell Biology, and Human Genetics.

Trained as a physician-scientist, Ken conducted post-doctoral research in molecular genetics with the brewer’s yeast, saccharomyces cerevisiae.  He contributed to cellular signal transduction, and cancer biology at the University of Colorado Medical Center before joining CSU.

During his tenure at CSU, mycology transformed from a longstanding passion into a central focus for Ken. His mycological expertise extends to diverse areas, including the historical significance of mushrooms in religious and cultural rituals, as well as, their role as functional foods for health benefits.

Delivering presentations on various mycological topics to both public and academic audiences, Ken remains an actively engaged in studying mycology and educating fellow mycophiles.