Event Schedule

Eagle Colorado Mushroom & Wild Food Festival

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4 – 7 pm | Registration/Speaker Meet and Greet, Located at the Boneyard


7:30 – 8:30 am | Registration @ Dusty Boot

8:30am Speaker Sessions, Capitol Theatre

Mushrooms and the Fungi that Make Them, Larry Evans

A grounds-eye view of the ways and means of fungal digestion, how fungi remediate contaminated soils, and what the process of mushroom making is all about. A look at some common mushrooms and their role in the environment.

The Kitchen Mycologist: How a Little Mycology Can Make You a Better Mushroom Cook, Eugenia Bone

This illustrated talk explores the intersection of mycology and the selection, storage, preparation, and nutritional value of mushrooms; the way fungi spoils foods and improves foods; the reason why mushrooms taste differently and why some are more expensive than others; and the impact of endophytic fungi and mycorrhizal networks on food crops.

How to Use Online Mapping Tools to Find Wild Edible Mushrooms, Trent Blizzard

Get ready to take notes! You WILL discover a mapping secret or two in this talk. Learn how to research potential mushroom hunting spots from your home computer as well as navigate into the wilderness using online maps. Special focus on learning how to recognize likely mushroom terrain from online topographic and satellite maps using free tools.

9:30am Speaker Sessions, Capitol Theatre

Mycoremediation: Using Mushrooms to Remediate Land Exposed to Chemical Toxicity, Katrina Blair

Mushrooms are a key ingredient in breaking down toxicity into inert compounds. This presentation documents the current mycoremediation project on a 2 acre plot of land that was previously the headquarters for a herbicide and chemical fertilizer company. The cleanup of the land that is underway and steadily being transformed and integrated into Turtle Lake Community organic gardens.

Mushrooms of the Upper Amazon, Larry Evans

A photographic romp through the jam packed fungal jungles of Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. Some video footage that brings the jungle to you. Some species appear in both Colorado and Bolivia!

Mushroom Hunting 101: The Basics, Ken Kassenbrock

Intended for newcomers to mushroom hunting. How can wild mushrooms be safely identified? What are the key features to look for? How do you get started hunting for gourmet wild mushrooms when the consequences of mistaken identity can be very high? Basics such as spore color, gill attachment, and non-gilled mushrooms will be discussed.

How to Find Burn Morels in Old Forest Fires, Trent Blizzard

Learn how to find buckets of morels in last year’s burns by locating the right terrain, elevation, aspect and forest types. Forest fires are a tragic event, but there is a silver lining. As the forest regenerates in the years following a burn, morels grow like crazy in the charred terrain. Learn how to locate and collect these choice edible fungi in Colorado.

10:30am Speaker Sessions , Capitol Theatre

The Science and Art of Preserving Mushrooms, Eugenia Bone

When the Rocky Mountains erupt with marvelous edible mushrooms, the picking is great. But too often, many succumb to rot in your kitchen. Master canner Eugenia Bone will give an illustrated talk on drying, freezing, pickling, preserving in oil, and pressure canning wild and cultivated mushrooms.

Choice Edible and Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms of Colorado, Katrina Blair

Join Katrina Blair for a slide show walkabout of the delicious and nutritious foods and medicines of our area. Learn about the edible berries, leaves, roots and seeds of the local plants as well as some choice mushrooms that can be integrated into daily meals or appreciated as a trail snack.

Mushrooms and Human Health, Ken Kassenbrock

Ken will review basic nutritional information about wild and cultivated mushrooms, and the concept of mushrooms as “functional foods” – foods that have increased health effects beyond basic nutrition. The concept of “medicinal mushrooms” will also be discussed.

10:30am Kid’s Session, Capitol Theatre

CO Mushrooms 101 for Families, Trent Blizzard

Foraging can be fun for the whole family! Bring the kids and learn some science and a few fun facts about mushrooms. This intro class will get your family unit ready to hit the mountains and collect some specimens for the ID table. All ages welcome!

12 – 4 pm | Unguided, Free Public Forays

1 – 3 pm | Cooking Class @ Zealous School

3 – 5:30 pm | ID Table @ Boneyard

4 – 5:30 pm | Sauté Bar @ Boneyard

6:00 pm | 9-Course Wild Dinner and Wine/Beer Pairing @ Boneyard


11 am | Farewell Brunch @ Grand Avenue Grill