Larry Evans

Larry Evans is a mushroom hunter, teacher, cultivator, song writer, and cook. He has been instrumental in organizing forays, festivals, and workshops in Colorado, Montana, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Bolivia, and now Jamaica. He is a founder of the Western Montana Mycological Association, wrote a field guide to mushrooms of the Amazon, and appeared in Ron Mann’s comedocumentary Know Your Mushrooms.

Larry’s Talks

Mushrooms and the Fungi that Make Them
A grounds-eye view of the ways and means of fungal digestion, how fungi remediate contaminated soils, and what the process of mushroom making is all about. A look at some common mushrooms and their role in the environment.

Mushrooms of the Upper Amazon
A photographic romp through the jam packed fungal jungles of Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. Some video footage that brings the jungle to you. Some species appear in both Colorado and Bolivia!